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_ladyvader_ wrote in ironettedancers
I found these posted at

Saturday, September 4 - Marvel Comics Time: 4:30 pm Location: Hilton back porch/patio

More Marvel Comics Groups
Avengers, Young Avengers & Dark Avengers - Saturday 6:00 PM, Following Marvel Universe, Hilton Back Steps/Patio
Spider-Man Villains - Friday, 4:00 PM, 10th Floor Marriott
X-Men - Saturday 5:30 PM, Immediately Following Marvel Universe, Hilton Back Steps/Patio


I don't know the particulars or who is organizing them unfortunately...They seem to be happening back to back.

There is also going to be several World Record attempts including a Super Hero one:

The Superhero World Record attempt is 1 PM on Saturday at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Peachtree Ballroom.

It'd be cool if we could get together for the appropriate shoots for a strong Iron Man presence!

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for the world record attempt, I plan on doing Ms. Marvel, and will most likely try to change into Lady Deadpool or Clea for the Marvel shoot at 4:30 (assuming the record attempt doesn't take very long of course!)

But if you fine ladies want to do Ironettes for the Marvel shoot, I can alter my plans :)

I'm gonna do the Ironette for the world record attempt because its my only hero costume this year. I wanna do the Marvel shoot as well...

I asked about Ironettes at the Superhero record attempt and it's a no. They are only allowing good guys that are recognizable and Ironettes aren't "real" superheroes. Personally, I think this is all stupid. They are excluding a bunch of people because of what Guinness says. Who cares? We either get the record or not. But seriously...I think it's going to conflict with the Marvel shoot anyway.


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