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nip/tuck - christian approves
pensive1 wrote in ironettedancers
The time is nearly here, and I'll be able to join you all this time! :) What days are we looking at to gather and turn heads?

I am still very new to sewing, so let me ask those of you with more experience and wisdom: to attain the line details on the gold parts (belt, back panel), what method did you use?

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To get the detailing, I used a tight zig zag stitch to give it an embroidered effect. Hope that helps.

It does! Thank you :)

I'm in that last-minute scramble to finish off all the costumes I started. Every year I think "this is too ambitious; why did I decide to do this many new costumes?" but it ends up being worth the rush~

Oh believe me, I know how that goes. lol. Good luck with it all!

There needs to be more hours in the day!!!!

I gave up with the decorative stitching due to lack of time and other costume work - my friend & I are wearing ours without it and will finish it for next wearing!

I might end up joining you, as the whole process of stitching what is already a finely crafted costume is becoming more of a stress than it needs to be.

Also, the other costumes demand my time, so... we shall see!

Like yourself, I'm getting the thing to a manageable and wearable point and perfecting it for next con :)

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