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Superhero Party Sunday Night at D*C!
me - Ironette Jason
lady_s wrote in ironettedancers
Trying to find something to do Sunday night at Dragon*Con? Come to the Last Hurrah party at the Mariott ballroom starting at 10pm.

What's so special about this party? It will be featuring Tony Stark and the Ironettes!! Come party with us as we say farewell to D*C 2010. We have a few surprises lined up including a chance to see us do the Ironette dance!

I will update this post as I get more information on it. Hope to see you there!

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Cool! Sunday night sounds great!

I'm so sad I missed you guys! I got stuck with Guest crap, blah. My first year with a guest badge and lemme tell you: you earn that thing. ^^ I didn't get to costume near as much as I wanted! The Ironettes looked fantastic though! I believe we ended up with more than one set? I'm hoping we can get together at another con sometime.

I made a late Sunday debut: ...Representing Coke. LOL.

I was sad that I never saw you either. I definitely won't be hanging this up anytime soon, so I'm all in for hanging out at another con.

Also, I saw that picture on facebook and I think you look so amazing! I love it and I can't wait until we can meet!

I'm not good with livejournal yet and I just wanted to say hello and ask: Pretty please can I join your fun? I fell in love with the Ironette costumes in the theater and I was so excited when I found this group! I recently purchased a costume of Ebay because despite 3 years in 4-H and a craft savvy mother I am really bad at sewing. Just wanted to introduce myself and see if I could join the fun!

Hey! Welcome aboard! Unfortunately this event already happened, but you can always post pics of your costume here or talk about meet ups for future conventions.

Welcome! I'm also going to post my pattern soon. I wanted to do it before DragonCon but I started running out of time. >< Y'all know how that goes...

I look forward to seeing it! :D

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