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Patterns and such!
Gurren Lagann - Yoko
jessichan99 wrote in ironettedancers
I did not make it to Dragon*con so I thought my dreams of being an Ironette were over (or put on hold till next D*c). Now, I've decided to do the costume for Halloween.

To those that made their costumes:
-did you use patterns? If so, which ones?
-where did you get your lights from?
-how long did it take you? (I have two weeks! O_O)

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I'm not quite done with mine (I got behind for this costume, so I missed doing it at D*C as well), but I got my material from

There's a lady in town who's much better at sewing than me, so she helped me with making the top and shorts. I have to take them in a little (because I'm petite) and make the belt/boot covers myself. I remember the basic shape of the pieces, but haven't drawn a pattern out for it yet. iirc, _ladyvader_ was going to post her pattern soon.

Hit up burnsizzlemelt if you're in a pinch. She's helping me with the gloves because those are really hard for me to pull off well. She does good work, and her shipping is fast! :)

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