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Ironettes at Long Beach Comic Con!
me - Ironette Jason
lady_s wrote in ironettedancers
I went to LBCC on Oct.30 as an Ironette and met my two good friends, zionangel and rabidpotato who were in their Ironette costumes as well. I wanted to just spam a few picture here showing off how awesome they were and how much fun we had.

If anyone has any pictures of themselves in costume, we'd love to see!

This Dr. Doom was SO COOL!
We were just goofing off. I didn't actually think that he was taking a picture, lol.
I'm so jealous that even when sitting down, her stomach still looks that amazing!
This one was cool cause this guy recognized me and it turns out, he's the artist of THIS famous picture!

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I had to actually custom make mine with parts from radio shack. One of thm broke and is being hekd together with special McGyver'ing skills, so I joked and it said that and Ironette built them in a dark bedroom with a box of bobby pins!

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