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My Ironette (DragonCon 2010)
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_ladyvader_ wrote in ironettedancers
Here's my Ironette! I got so busy after DragonCon, so I only posted to FB. I have the big lights right now, but I'm gonna try to do what Tally did and make my own...whenever I can get around to it. lol. Anyways...little joke about Atlanta here...

I didn't get the names of the other Ironettes I ran into cause it was sooo loud on the Atrium level (as usual). But maybe we can find each other again!

Also, I swear I'm gonna publish the pattern. I just finished a 2 month design contract and I will have plenty of time over Christmas until my next contract starts.

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Your pictures are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing. I'm so bummed that we didn't run into each other, but that may have been for the best. I was kind of taking leads from a "friend" and was acting rather bitchy towards other ironettes. Something I really wish I could take back.

But anyway, your costume came out great! I can't wait for the pattern. And don't worry about being too busy. I think we can all empathize, lol.

Thank you! I'm sorry that happened, but you know things heal over time. :) Hopefully we can meet at the next convention we both go to :)

That's actually myself & a friend with your in the other photo! (I'm in the middle)

I did meet lady_s while there, you were overall pleasant but some critiquing on the costumes irked my friend who was dressed with me (she was already worried about wearing these costumes without finishing them up 100% w/stitching details) It happens though under stressful situations, while running around you realize all this in hindsite.

Oh yay! I was hoping you guys would be on here. :)

I ran into some critique as well over my lights. It happens a lot at major costume cons and you have to just do your best to ignore them. My friends with me naturally laughed at the critics because my friends and I are professional costumers who work in theatre, film, and tv. We find it amusing that anyone can take a hobby so seriously that they would degrade their peers. Especially when copying some Costume Designers work...

I tried to get my costume as close as possible to the real deal but I decided not to build lights because I did not have time. We always can get snobby without realizing it. I do it all the time and I regret it tremendously later on.

Big hugs to Tally for being awesome yet human and to you guys who wore the costume anyways despite other's criticism.

And hugs for everyone else who has ran into negative costume criticism at cons... :)

Geez, you guys are making me scared to come out in the light of day with my little get up. All I want to do is wear the cute costume I saw in the movie...and get Stan Lee's autograph while wearing it. (If I have the funds.)

Did you ever publish that pattern? A group of us are doing Ironettes for New York Comic Con and we could really use some help. You all look so great! :)

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