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SDCC: Great Sucess!
me - Ironette Jason
It was wonderful getting to meet a few of you ladies. I had lots of fun taking pictures and getting to talk to you all.

I found a few photos from Marvel's flickr and thought I'd share. Fo those of you who couldn't make it, I look forward to seeing you all at DrgaonCon!

Click the picture to view more.

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The Ironette Comic Con Group Photo!
me - Ironette Jason

Hello fellow Ironettes! I'm sorry that it's taken so long to track down a time and location for this, but Marvel has a very busy con schedule. We unfortunately can't get on stage, but their photographer will still be taking our photos. Here is the info:

When: Thursday, 2pm
Where: Upstairs, outside Ballroom 20

If you are new to the con, I would suggest looking at a map to find this location.

To everyone, be sure to give yourself time to get here. People will probably want to stop you for photos along the way, so make sure you have the time to do so. I don't know how long the photographer can stay, so we don't want to be waiting on any straglers.

Also, this is an open event. So please invite any Ironettes you know or see and any photgraphers as well. You can also just have a friend use your own camera.

I look forward to meeting you all in person!

Ironettes ahoy!
Bou, Antic Cafe
I'm happy to announce that I will be attending comic con! Yay! for last minute decisions and birthday gifts! =P Can't wait to see all you ladies and rock out!

Costumes for Sale (Cont. of my last post)
IM2 - Ironette Shakin&#39; 4 Stark
There are now pictures available for the costumes for sale at SDCC. I'm assuming that you would be getting it before SDCC, though I'm not sure. I can ask her that if anyone is interested. But they are to walk around together in at that con. Everything she said on is below the picture. If you have any questions, or you are intersted (and you're not on where you can just pm her), post it here and I will relay the info.
"Here are the pictures of the costume:
Ok, here is a link to picks of my Ironette costume pics. I am selling them at cost ($99) if you wanted to be an Ironette this year with me. I have 10 size 4-6 and they come with all that you see in the pics."

Costumes for sale at SDCC
IM2 - Ironette butts

Ming4king at has asked me to link their thread here. They want to do a big group of Ironettes on Friday at SDCC. Here is her post:

"I have the costumes already made for up to 10 Ironette cheerleaders from Iron Man 2. I would love to have a huge group to walk around together on Friday (Saturday I cannot come with the group as I will be prepping for the masquerade most of the day, but everyone is welcome to still get together.) The costumes are for a size 4-6 and are really nice. You just need a pair of your own heels to put the boot covers over, and a peppy attitude.
I will sell the costumes at my cost: $99. They are high quality and include the boot covers, top, bottoms, long gloves and lights. Please let me know if you are interested and I can send a picture."

You can view the thread Here.

Ironette Pattern
I've been working on drafting a pattern for the Ironette and I was already thinking about posting it when I finished. Lady_S posted a great tutorial for the boot covers, so I was curious how many people were interested in a pattern for the shorts and bodice? I know some of our sisters on here have the know on patterns, but if patterning isn't your thing please speak up! I just want to see how much interest is here for it before I start scaling the one I'm working on up and down. Mine should be finished in the next two weeks since I'm in the middle of building a show at the moment.

I need to know....

*If anyone is interested.
*What dress sizes we need.

Thanks gals!

While searching online to find a pattern for the costume I found this community which is awesome!! I'm actually making my costume for Pride in SF on Saturday because I think geeky, hot girls need to be represented everywhere! (that and I couldn't make it to WonderCon this year and I don't have enough money to fly down to San Diego for ComiCon =() Mine won't be the same though, cause I decided to go all out and just make an Arc Reactor because I found plans for it and it just looks way to fun/cool!!

However, I was wondering if anyone has any patterns for the costume? I'm trying to figure it out on my own, but I'm more into the making electronic things than the sewing costumes thing. The last geek costume I made was Poison Ivy and it pretty much only consisted of gluing fake leaves on an outfit that was already made. So if anyone has any hints or pointers that would be awesome. And if not...I'm sure I'll figure it out somehow. haha

You guys all look fantastic by the way!!!!! =D

graphics post
Sorority of stark

Hey girls!  If I'm spamming this comm way too much, let me know, but I've been messing around with my tablet and came up with some Ironette-related graphics I thought I'd share.

Behind the cut:

14 icons
2 logo-ish things I came up with while babysitting.
1 sketch/painting of an Ironette
more variations than you will ever want.

If you guys can think of something I should do with these things, let me know. 
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If you use an icon, please comment  and credit!

ETA:  I wrestled with the format of this thing for like 30 mins...I'm done, sorry, I suck.

The Dance of Doom!!!!!!!!!!
cordy life sucks
So my ever-faithful little sister and I are attempting to learn the dance from the premiere.

That was a stupid plan.  I'm former ROTC and I did unarmed and armed exhibition drill (like a really, crazy, stupid-precise step team) which is an entirely different way of moving.

What we've done is pick a particular girl (in my case the dirty blonde, third in line at the beginning, on the left hand column--the column closest to the camera--I call her Miss Ridiculously-Quick-Footed) and tried to follow her movements.  The only problem is that every damn video we can find is too quick or grainy.

Are any of you actual dancers?  Or had any experience at all in this and could give us a "Ironette Dance for the Spatially Retarded" video or graphic? 


Logo Sketches
Did some dicking around in OpenCanvas with my friend last night and came up with a few sketches. I took my original idea and played with it in different iterations, as well as something a little more colorful. I'm not sure how we're producing these (I've never used cafepress, are they basically iron-on transfers or do they do screenprinting?), but a single-color silhouette would definitely be the cheapest to screenprint if we go that route. If it's a digital transfer, then there's no restriction on the number of colors.

Obviously these are just sketches- the actual images would be cleanly vectored with proper (stylized) anatomy and real fonts instead of my atrocious handwriting.

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