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My Ironette (DragonCon 2010)

Here's my Ironette! I got so busy after DragonCon, so I only posted to FB. I have the big lights right now, but I'm gonna try to do what Tally did and make my own...whenever I can get around to it. lol. Anyways...little joke about Atlanta here...

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I didn't get the names of the other Ironettes I ran into cause it was sooo loud on the Atrium level (as usual). But maybe we can find each other again!

Also, I swear I'm gonna publish the pattern. I just finished a 2 month design contract and I will have plenty of time over Christmas until my next contract starts.
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Gurren Lagann - Yoko

Patterns and such!

I did not make it to Dragon*con so I thought my dreams of being an Ironette were over (or put on hold till next D*c). Now, I've decided to do the costume for Halloween.

To those that made their costumes:
-did you use patterns? If so, which ones?
-where did you get your lights from?
-how long did it take you? (I have two weeks! O_O)

Future Conventions

Does anybody live in the Central Florida area? And/or plan on going to Megacon in March 2011?
I live in Titusville (town of nothing-to-do and the Kennedy Space Center) and I was just wondering if anybody was interested in Megacon at all!
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Superhero Party Sunday Night at D*C!

Trying to find something to do Sunday night at Dragon*Con? Come to the Last Hurrah party at the Mariott ballroom starting at 10pm.

What's so special about this party? It will be featuring Tony Stark and the Ironettes!! Come party with us as we say farewell to D*C 2010. We have a few surprises lined up including a chance to see us do the Ironette dance!

I will update this post as I get more information on it. Hope to see you there!
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Dragon*Con Roll Call!

With Dragon*Con just 9 days away, I wanted to see who all is still planning on being an Ironette at the con.

I will be wearing my costume Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, but not during the day times (yes, I will be bringing the Fabreeze! lol).

What about you ladies? Do we want to plan a time to meet up for a picture?
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Dragon*Con Photoshoots

I found these posted at

Saturday, September 4 - Marvel Comics Time: 4:30 pm Location: Hilton back porch/patio

More Marvel Comics Groups
Avengers, Young Avengers & Dark Avengers - Saturday 6:00 PM, Following Marvel Universe, Hilton Back Steps/Patio
Spider-Man Villains - Friday, 4:00 PM, 10th Floor Marriott
X-Men - Saturday 5:30 PM, Immediately Following Marvel Universe, Hilton Back Steps/Patio


I don't know the particulars or who is organizing them unfortunately...They seem to be happening back to back.

There is also going to be several World Record attempts including a Super Hero one:

The Superhero World Record attempt is 1 PM on Saturday at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Peachtree Ballroom.

It'd be cool if we could get together for the appropriate shoots for a strong Iron Man presence!
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